There’s no shame in admitting this, because we’ve all likely been there at one point or another in our lives. What am I talking about, you ask? That moment in time when we can’t for the life of us get the stupid bottle cap off of whatever it is we are drinking. If we’re by ourselves, it’s no big deal – the problem comes when everyone and their mother is standing around watching us exert way too much energy trying to open a pesky little bottle. Rather than pass the bottle off to someone else to open and lose face, we do the next best thing. We grab the bottom of our shirt, place it over the cap, and twist with all of our might. It works, but somewhere in the process the shirt has been torn because it was only made of cotton and/or polyester and it wasn’t designed for such risky behavior.

Allow me to introduce you to a shirt that every man should own, designed by Criquet. It may look and feel just like any other shirt you have in your closet, but I can promise you it is not just your everyday run of the mill dress shirt. Why? For starters, it won’t shred no matter how many bottles you try to open with it.

Open Stubborn Bottles With This Shirt From Criquet

Can’t Open It? Just Use Your Shirt!

This shirt that might turn out to be every bottle’s worst nightmare can be all yours for only $85. While that may sound like a huge price at first, what’s $85 to keep your man card intact and in your possession?

You might be wondering why this shirt is any different from any number of other shirts, and that’s a good question. Criquet has specially designed these shirts with extra resistant fabric toward the bottom of the shirt to help you get off any stubborn caps or anything else you might think to remove with your shirt.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these shirts, there are many colors and styles for you to choose from.

[Image via ohgizmo]