The new Smartwatch from Qualcomm is called the Toq and can be ordered from only $349.99! Well, at least the black version anyway, as the white version is not yet available.   Even if you purchase the wearable tech today, you will still have to wait a couple of weeks before you get to play with it.

From the price, (I think $349.99 is ludicrous!) you can see that this Smartwatch is actually $50 more expensive than the Galaxy Gear and if you thought the Galaxy Gear was already way too expensive, then this product probably won’t make you sit up and listen either!

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch

None of the Smartwatches launched so far hold a good standing in the market and it’s not just the pricing structure that is the problem. The price can be argued if the product has an iconic design, which is something many tech wearers are in the market for, or if they provide features that are difficult to replicate with a mobile device.

Qualcomm’s Smartwatch has the Mirasol display that can help it be “always-on” for long periods of time.  It is designed to look much better in daylight than other LCD/AMOLED-based Smartwatches. If Qualcomm could maybe invest more funds into changing Mirasol to have richer and more vibrant colours, then perhaps Mirasol displays maybe used in Smartphones too.  Who knows? However, Mirasol is behind the current LCD/AMOLED/QLED panels that are available, so it maybe quite sometime before that comes to light.

For your average Qualcomm Smartwatch, however, it is adequate, especially since it can assist in them lasting for days on a single charge.  It also helps that you don’t have to squint your eyes to see what is on the display!  Maybe Amazon could take a leaf from Qualcomm’s book for their range of products?

[Image via digitaltrends]