Apparently mobile users look at their phones every six minutes. That’s according to the creators of the Smarty Ring, a blue-tooth enabled wearable gadget that allows you to have all your smartphone alerts and phonecalls, almost literally at your fingertips.

The Smarty Ring enables you to control your smartphone, without even getting it out of your bag or pocket. You can receive and make calls, trigger the camera and control music all through the ring.

Your smartphone connects to the ring via an app and is compatible with both Android and iOS. The battery is guaranteed to last you 24 hours, which is not bad for its size.

smarty ring

Another handy feature of this little device is that it is waterproof, which is rather convenient when you consider you can’t take your phone swimming.

As well as controlling a smartphone, the ring can be worn like a watch, capable of checking five time zones and also has a stopwatch and countdown timer function.

The Smarty Ring is currently trying to raise funding through an Indiegogo campaign. It has a target of $40,000 and has so far raised $20,976 but has only a few days left to get the remaining amount. This is rather surprising at a time where wearable technology is still popular. But thanks to the way the campaign has been set up, the money will still be collected, even if the target is not met.

[Image via businessetc.thejournal]