Recently, online music service Spotify, introduced Spotify Connect for iOS devices.  The company has now provided the service to their Android app, this now ticks all the boxes and makes it a multi-platform feature from Spotify.

Spotify Connect allows you to stream music over WiFi to select speakers. Unfortunately the system only works with streaming content and not localised MP3s. In addition to this, it will need a premium account for it to work. Right now it only allows you to send music to a single device, but that could change in the not too distant future.

Spotify Connect is not really a lot different from what you can already do with nearly all Bluetooth-enabled speakers. What it does do, however, is it eliminates the need for you to pair the devices together. Which can become tedious, if you use the same Bluetooth speaker on many different devices?

Spotify Connect

The better features of the product are that because Spotify Connect uses WiFi, it has much further range than what Bluetooth can provide.  The upshot of this is that your friends can share their own music, as long as they have the Spotify app and your wireless password to connect.

This is very similar to the streaming functionality of Apple’s AirPlay system. But it appears to be easier to initialize as once you have pressed the Spotify Connect button on your Android device, you’ll be free to do complete whatever you want to do on your phone.  This is unlike Apple‘s AirPlay system, where once you start, you are locked in?

Spotify Connect is available on Android through the Google Play Store.  As always, your comments regarding the Spotify Connect app are appreciated in the comments section below.

[Image via amobil]