Have you ever heard your dog barking and wondered what in the world he/she was saying? Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many Disney movies in my life, but I’ve always imagined that dogs have their own language and talk to each other the same way humans talk (or don’t) talk to each other. Thank you, 101 Dalmations, thank you. Who knows? The bark you’re hearing now may be your dog telling you it’s time to eat, or he/she could be communicating in code to other furry friends that it’s time to get a new owner. We may never know. Or, we may, if this interesting gadget comes to fruition.

No More Woof is a tool that is being created that will allow your dog’s bark to be analyzed and then translated, allowing you to know exactly what your dog is (or isn’t) saying to you.

No More Woof Translates Dog Barks To Human Speech

This Project Might Be Barking Up The Wrong Tree…

Yes, that dog is wearing a headset in the above picture. No, dogs don’t normally don headsets. That could all be changing, though, if No More Woof gets off of the ground. The headset would equip EEG readers that would connect to a Raspberry Pi computer and speaker that would ultimately result in the dog’s thoughts being translated into speech that says something like, “I’m curious”, and “I’m tired.” Other more expensive models would translate other barks/thoughts as well, maybe even the ever popular “I’m hungry.”

No More Woof is currently in its crowdfunding stage with Indiegogo right now. They have raised $14,662 out of their original goal of $10,000. While that is a great start, the folks at No More Woof state that they are much more interested in raising support for their product than gaining money right now. They also state that it will probably be a few years before they have everything perfected. (If it is ever perfected).

What do you think?

[Image via gearburn]

SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2013/12/18/no-more-woof-indiegogo-concept-dog-headset/