A little less than a year ago, Alicia Keys and BlackBerry came together and announced that the singer was to  be the brand’s new Global Creative Director. If you remember, my initial reaction was, “Whatever that means!”

While BlackBerry did insist that Alicia Keys had a direct hand in its operations – including launching a scholarship program geared at encouraging women to enter science and technology – my reaction may have been totally justified. After all, the news is that Alicia Keys and BlackBerry are parting ways starting January 30. That’s right, folks, the entertainer is no longer going to represent BlackBerry as its Global Creative Director.

Alicia Keys & BlackBerry Split 

Aside from the scholarship program, what has Alicia Keys done for the brand? I suppose we can count her publicity appearances, tweets (although I seem to remember her promoting BlackBerry using her iPhone on social media, which was, of course, immediately deleted), and using her BlackBerry in her concerts.

I’m no expert, but that does seem lacking – especially with the associated title. Brand ambassador sounds more like it!

In any case, the collaboration between Alicia Keys and BlackBerry is a short-lived one. And you have to admit that the lifespan is rather understandable as well.

In recent times, BlackBerry has been undergoing significant changes. It is no secret that the company has been engaged in a long – if not perpetual – struggle to keep its head above water. It has been releasing ridiculously posh phones which do not really bring much to the table. It released BBM for iOS and Android. And, only about two months ago, BlackBerry fired its CEO.

BlackBerry’s move to say bye to Alicia Keys might be one of the smartest things it has done in recent times. With its seriously serious issues, it could use the money it pays the singer for something more worthwhile.

In the meantime, Alicia Keys’s career could use more of her attention.

[Image via mashable]