The great pet peeve of many a driver is nothing other than the red light. Can anyone out there honestly say they enjoy sitting at stoplights and waiting for them to turn green again? And, it never fails – whenever you are in a hurry, you are bound to hit every red light that is known to man from your point A to point B. Stoplights are one of the banes of our existence when it comes to driving. Yes, they are necessary to keep traffic flowing correctly and smoothly, but they also probably cause more cases of road rage than many people care to think about. Thankfully, Audi is beginning to do something about it.

No, they are not going to tear down all of the stoplights. What they have in mind is so much better than that.

Audi Will Make Sure You Never Hit Another Red Light

Your Car Will Now Know What To Do To Avoid Red Lights

Audi recently unveiled their new Smart City Traffic Light Assistance feature at CES. Using on-board Wi-Fi and local city data, traffic light information is sent to your vehicle in real-time allowing you to make any needed adjustments to your speed, etc. to make sure you avoid getting caught at that hated red light.

Audi’s new upgrade is being tried out in Europe right now – here’s to hoping that all of the tests are successful and we can implement this in the US. Though I do have to ask – what happens if all vehicles eventually come standard with some kind of stop light assistance? It seems like things could get a little difficult on the roads with everyone trying to avoid red lights at the same time.

What do you think of this new feature from Audi? Do you think it will save time or cause people to get in more accidents?

[Image via Gizmodo]