Bill Gates is a lot of things: founder of Microsoft, richer than almost anyone else alive, brilliant, you name it. But none of those attributes helped him out one tiny bit when he faced off against a young man in a chess match on a Swedish talk show. Of course Gates wasn’t just facing any young man at the chess board – he was competing against none other than Magnus Carlsen, who as a 23 year-old is the World Chess Champion as of this moment. And Carlsen has been hard at it for the last 10 years as he has been a grandmaster since he was only 13 years old. Wow. What was I doing when I was 13? Obviously I wasn’t becoming a grandmaster of chess.

If anyone could challenge Carlsen in a chess match, it would be Bill Gates, right? One would be safe to assume that Bill Gates knows his way around a chess board. And while Gates does indeed know a lot about chess, he still lost. Quickly.

Bill Gates Loses To 23 Year Old Chess Player

And The Winner Is???

We all knew who the winner was going to be, even before the match began. Admittedly, so even did Bill Gates who freely admits that he was destined to lose to Carlsen. Hey, at least Gates is humble enough to admit when knows he is not the best at something.

So, just how quickly did he lose to Carlsen? It turns out that it only took Carlsen 9 moves before he had Bill Gates in checkmate. Given the fact that they were given a combined 2 minutes and 30 seconds to choose their moves, this game was over in a heartbeat. (Bill had 2 minutes while Carlsen only had 30 seconds).

So, even though Bill Gates is probably better at almost anything than I am, it is comforting to know that even he can still lose a chess match from time to time. It gives hope to the rest of us.

[Image via IndiaToday]