What Star Wars fan hasn’t wanted to carry around a lightsaber at some point in their life? The elegant weapon of Jedi Knights would be sure to gain the immediate respect of everyone who saw it hanging from your belt. And you could even add to that respect if you donned a robe worthy of a Jedi. While we may still be a few years away from having a real, workable lightsaber that we can tote around and use at will, the next best thing has just appeared on the market, and you don’t even have to be a full-fledged Jedi to use it – it’s a model that any Padawan can handle with ease. All you have to have is a cell phone with a dead battery. That’s close to all of us at some point in our busy day, right?

Take a look below at the lightsaber battery charger from Brando.

Charge Your Phone With A Lightsaber

May The Force Be With Your Phone

Wouldn’t that lightsaber be fun to carry around? Imagine sitting in your local Starbucks when your phone dies, and instead of pulling out a boring battery, you just pull out a lightsaber and sit it on your table. People might just start bringing you free coffees.

Really, folks, this one’s pretty easy to figure out. You plug a USB cord into the end of the lightsaber with one end attached to your phone and you’re charging away. The lightsaber even lights up while it’s charging. As of right now, these are available for around $50, but you can only get Darth Vader’s lightsaber. Unfortunately, Luke’s green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi is not yet available. Sadly, neither is Darth Maul’s – I guarantee you that one would get you some looks from around the room. Who knows, maybe his could charge your phone and a buddy’s.

Would you use one?

[Image via Brando]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/a-lightsaber-battery-lets-you-battle-intergalactic-powe-1502564193