What’s the most memorable way you’ve ever resigned from a job? Did you tell your boss to “shove it” as the old song says? Did you give him or her that piece of your mind you’d been wanting to give them for years? Or, did you just quit on the spot never to look back again? There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to resigning a job. Most of them fall somewhere into the realm of writing and signing an official document and giving your employer at least a 2 week notice. That’s only proper, right?

And, I think it’s safe to assume that when most people turn in a resignation letter it is going to be written in their own natural language. But that’s not at all what happened when David Waddell, a city councilman from North Carolina, decided to resign his position. It turns out Waddell is a huge Star Trek fan, and as such, he wanted his resignation to be as memorable for everyone as possible. So he decided to resign as a Klingon.

Councilman Writes Resignation Letter In Klingon

“Um…Can We Get A Translator, Please?”

Apparently Waddell was frustrated with a lot of issues surrounding his job, and he felt as if the Klingon language provided the best way for him to express himself to his boss(es). It’s a resignation letter no one will likely ever forget, that’s for sure. I’m sure someone even had to go to the trouble of translating the entire thing as not too many people are fluent in Klingon. That person may have been Mayor Michael Alvarez as he has gone on record stating how childish and embarrassing the letter was for the town. I guess he’s not a trekkie.

What do you think of Waddell’s resignation? In case you’d like to read the entire letter, I’ll post a picture of it along with its translation below.

Councilman Writes Resignation Letter In Klingon

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