Who doesn’t like opening a gift box? It’s fun, it’s exciting, but if we’re being honest, sometimes it’s a little boring too. After all, it’s the same routine for every present. You look at the gift tag, you might have to untie a ribbon that’s holding the bag together, then you remove the globs of tissue paper, and finally you pull out the gift itself! (Depending on who put the gift in the bag, there might even be an extra layer of wrapping paper around the actual gift itself). Year after year, birthday after birthday, all gift bags and gift boxes are all opened in almost identical fashion. Hey, I’m not saying I don’t like opening presents – all I’m saying is that sometimes it would be nice if there was just a little bit more variety to it. Well, now there is. Take a look below at the GPS AdventureBox.

Create Your Own Adventures With A GPS AdventureBox

That Isn’t Your Mom’s Gift Box…

The GPS AdventureBox promises to add a little bit of adventure and excitement to the gift recipient. Once they receive the box, they will not be able to open it. And in case you’re wondering, no, this is not a prank gift box. It’s much, much better than that.

This unique gift box turns your gift giving adventure into a real-life scavenger hunt. While the GPS AdventureBox looks fairly normal on the outside, it is infused with GPS technology and a lock that will only unlock the box when you reach a certain location. There’s also an LCD screen that gives clues as to where the box needs to go to be unlocked. Once you get to location number 1, the clue for location 2 will reveal itself. Once you get to the final stop, the box will automatically unlock itself and reveal its contents.

This sounds like a great way for any guy to propose to that special lady. You can give clues to the other person about your dating history (such as: where we went on our first date), and then you could ultimately wait for them to meet you at the final location. Once they get there, the box opens, and her engagement ring is waiting for you to place on her finger.

You can read and invest in the GPS AdventureBox on its Kickstarter page.

[Image via Kickstarter]

SOURCE: http://techcrunch.com/2013/12/24/gps-gift-box/