As we all know, Google always has some big plan or other. The latest news suggests that Google is planning to have Android installed in cars, starting with Audi.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company will announce a joint venture with Audi next week at CES 2014. Sources say that Android will be used to power in-car entertainment systems for Audi, which will run on hardware built directly into the car, rather than on a smartphone.

Audi Quattro with Android

NVIDIA is also in on the plans, with navigation also being included in the system, as well as entertainment and communication functions.

Audi recently annouced that LTE would be available with select models and it looks as though Google has got in before anyone else. EE Times suggested that Google had something up its’ sleeve as far as automobiles were concerned, especially because Apple too had announced its own initiative to put iOS in cars, with the help of BMW and Daimler.

There have been no product demonstrations yet but watch this space.

[Image via Whasapp]