We live in a very digital world. Indeed, I think we spend a whole lot more time online than we do offline, and I think there will eventually be some major consequences to that. Don’t hear me wrong – I’m not at all against technology and I am excited to see how the world is changing, but I sometimes wonder if it’s not too much too fast. Think about kids in school these days – I’m not so far removed from grade school that I’ve forgotten what it was like in the classroom – and it’s not at all like it used to be.

Take handwriting for example. I can well remember spending hours upon hours practicing my handwriting using those sheets with the rows and dotted lines going across them. And I’m not even talking about cursive writing, I’m only speaking about printing. But in today’s world, we don’t write near as much as we used to. Want to send a letter? Send an e-mail. Want to write someone a little note? Just send them a text. You get my point – handwriting may soon become a lost art. Not if Michael Bogorad and his iTrace app have anything to say about it, though.

iTrace App Teaches Handwriting To Kids

Apparantly, the iTrace app isn’t like all the other handwriting apps already available on the app store. Bogorad believes iTrace helps kids gain the muscle memory they need to properly learn how to write letters. Best of all, it’s designed to be fun too! And that’s one adjective that I can’t use to describe my handwriting lessons. My lessons filled me with dread as I was graded on how neatly I could (or couldn’t) make my letters look on the paper.

With the way the world is changing, how important do you think handwriting will ultimately be in the future? Do you think most everything will be typed in the years to come? I for one certainly hope not. Who knows, though; maybe I am getting old.