How many times have you gripped your hands around your steaming coffee cup on those frigid mornings when you want to do anything but leave the house? This happens especially on those outdoor camping trips when the temperature is slightly less than ideal. We pour the coffee (or favorite hot beverage) into the cup and hold on for dear life, as if by sheer will power alone the rest of our body will warm up as quickly as our hands. Sometimes, depending on the type of mug you are using, this is hard to do. Sure, you can get one hand comfortably around the cup, but there’s usually an annoying handhold on the side of the cup that prevents you from wrapping your other hand completely around it. Not anymore.

Take a look below at the ToastyMUG – the mug that fits around your hands like a warm, gigantic glove that you can also drink from.

Keep Your Hands Warm With A ToastyMUG

Warm Your Hands Along With Your Tastebuds

As you can see from the image above, the ToastyMUG doesn’t look like your everyday coffee mug. It honestly looks kind of like half of a dog’s water bowl, but that’s completely beside the point, because what it does totally outweighs its appearance. It allows you to slip your hands into the open spaces around the cup (with no handholds that stick out, mind you) and keep your hands warm while the coffee warms the rest of your body.

Obviously, the ToastyMUG is not the coffee mug you want to have with you while driving down the road, but it would make a perfect addition to any office where you wish you could turn up the heat on a frequent basis.

If you’d like to get your hands on a ToastyMUG, you can visit the site here.

[Image via dudeiwantthat]