I’ve never been mugged, thankfully, but I’d assume that most muggers aren’t too choosy in what they decide to steal from people. And, like most of my assumptions, I’d be wrong. It turns out there are electronic devices that even muggers don’t want these days. Hey, it’s pretty bad when a mugger decides to let you keep what he/she was going to steal because they deem it a piece of junk. But that’s exactly what happened to Kevin Cook and a friend as they were walking through Central Park after midnight recently.

As they were strolling along, 2 muggers came up to them. One of the muggers pointed a gun at Cook and demanded that he hand over everything he had. I guess he was only carrying the necessities as all it appears he had on him was a cell phone. A very old cell phone. As he began to hand over his flip phone, the muggers looked at him like he was pulling a prank on them. No one still uses those old flip phones, right? Wrong. Either because they were in a hurry or because they felt bad that Cook still used the flip phone, they decided to let him and his friend go unharmed and…unrobbed.

Muggers in Central Park Don't Want Flip Phones

Don’t Want Your Phone Stolen? Carry A Flip Phone!

It seems even criminals have standards these days. They probably knew that no self-respecting pawn shop was going to buy a flip phone from them and decided to cut their losses. At least they let the people go without hurting them. I guess the moral of this story could be to always carry outdated technology when you are out and about, because no modern thief wants anything to do with what they see as ancient tech.

Doesn’t this story just cause you to smile a little? Even Jeff Cook looks back at it with a laugh.

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SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/a-new-york-city-mugger-declined-to-steal-a-flip-phone-1491321609