Netatmo has had substantial success with its clever home and garden Weather Station gadget.  The product links wirelessly to an iPhone or Android device to enable you to receive numerous accurate readings on the current climate in your vicinity.

Now though, the company has followed suit with a stylish tool that is more geared towards women, especially those who are obsessive about their appearance, more specifically their suntan.  The new gadget could even be worn by those who are worried about the sun’s effect on their skin, as the device is quite stylish and wouldn’t look out of place in any fashion conscious persons wardrobe.

The Netatmo June smart bracelet comprises of a leather strap and a sensor in the shape of a gem that is able to track UV intensity. The sensor connects directly to an iPhone application that will display the information in real-time along with the total amount of exposure to the sun the user’s skin has encountered during that particular day.  The June will also calculate the recommended maximum daily exposure depending upon the wearer’s skin type.  By using this information it can notify the user when to protect their skin.


The bracelet has been fashioned by French jewellery designer Camile Toupet and will be made available in three finishes; gunmetal, gold and platinum.  The June should be available in the second quarter of 2014. Perhaps marketed in the month of June?

The sensor part of the device can also be worn independently of the strap, like a brooch, and will retail for $99 (£60) in the States. Any official UK pricing has yet to be announced.

[Images via mediabistrodivasanddorks]