If you were aboard a plane that was crashing, what would you do when you realized all hope was lost? Would you say a prayer? Try and take charge and calm everyone down as much as possible? Maybe call your spouse, family or kids? Or, maybe you’d take out your camera and start recording everything that was happening in the cabin. Doesn’t sound like something you’d do? Honestly, it’s probably not something many of us would do. One man, though, named Ferdinand Puentes, recently did just that.

Passenger Records His Plane Crashing & Takes Selfies

Puentes was flying in a Cessna over Hawaii with 9 others when the plane’s engine failed and sent them heading for the water. When it was apparent that the plane was indeed going down, Puentes took out his GoPro camera and began to film the whole ordeal.

Passenger Records His Plane Crashing & Takes Selfies


Maybe he did it so investigators would have a record of the crash. Maybe he was hoping he’d survive and would have a video to show to his friends, I don’t know what his motives were. I do know that many are now questioning those motives.

What Would You Have Done?

When the Cessna crashed into the ocean, everyone survived the crash with the exception of Loretta Fuddy, who was Hawaii’s State Director of Health. At some point in the chaos following the crash, Puentes decided to take a selfie of himself in the water wearing his life jacket. I would guess that for many in this situation, the fear for their safety would outweigh their need to take a selfie of themselves. Myself, I would be terrified of all the sharks just lurking beneath the waves.

Passenger Records His Plane Crashing & Takes Selfies

What do you think? Is taking a selfie an appropriate response to this situation, or was it in bad taste considering that one person lost their life in the crash? Or, do we now live in a culture that is becoming obsessed with taking a selfie wherever we go?

[Images via Business Insider & rsvlts]

SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57617059-71/plane-crashes-woman-dies-survivor-films-and-takes-selfie/