How do you envision the world ending? Global warming? Do you see aliens finally coming to take us to the mothership? Maybe you imagine some kind of cataclysmic nuclear warfare? Or, maybe you picture some kind of all out World War 4 where all of the citizens left on Planet Earth do battle with each other. Whatever your picture of Earth’s ending, it’s probably not too pretty.

But did the world ending via drones ever occur to you? The U.S.’s drones have been a constant fixture on the news as of late, but it turns out that Uncle Sam’s not the only one with a lineup of drones. Apparently Russia is also slowly building an army of drones…that is if recent pictures have anything to say about it. What would Russia do with a drone army? Your guess is as good as mine, but they probably don’t exist to make friends with other drones. As some of the pictures show, Russia’s drones can move over land and over sea. It’s probably not too big of a stretch to say that some of them can even move throughout the air as well.

Russia is Building An Army Of Drones

The Hexacopter in action during a photoshoot

Just What Do You Think That Drone Is For?

It has already been reported that many believe robot soldiers will outnumber humans by the year 2023. Robots are even now being developed that can do everything humans can do and supposedly more. With all of this news of drones everywhere you look, that doesn’t seem as hard to believe as it may once have been. The earth may be laid to rest under the attack of drones.

Russia Is Building A Drone Army

It’s unknown how many drones there are in the world, but I believe it’s safe to say there are many, many that we have no idea about. Maybe it’s better that way, I don’t know. What do you think? Does this news of drones alarm you at all?

[Images via ijnet]