Starting January 31, 2014 (yes, it’s that time when we keep having to change the year when we write down the date), file sharing apps Bump and Flock will be discontinued by Google. Not that we expect the masses to rise up against this decision. After all, I wouldn’t be surprised if I run into quite a good number of people who will ask, “What is Bump (and Flock)?

To tech enthusiasts, perhaps, the apps are, at the very least, familiar. Flock is a photo sharing app which harnesses the power of location-sensing technology. That is, the app taps into the ability of smartphones to determine where you are, and based on that information, it can let you know which friends are in the same area. You can then share photos of whatever moment you’re enjoying, allowing you to extend real-life experiences to virtual ones. Not that novel an idea.

Bump and Flock

Bump, on the other hand, adds a different dimension to file sharing. Words such as “revolutionary” and “innovative” have been used to describe the app more than once, and – perhaps – appropriately so. Basically, in order to share files between devices, you have to knock – or bump – one device against the other. Old school contact!

As interesting the concepts may be, it seems that they are simply not flying. As such, Google has decided to remove Bump and Flock from iOS App Store and Google Play at the end of the month. Not only that, but ALL user data is also going to be erased. Obviously, if you are a user, this is a source of concern, but no need to fret. Google will give you ample time to download the data you have amassed over the period you’ve used the app(s).

In the meantime, you can simply go back to good old Dropbox – even Facebook and Flickr.

[Image via Apple Insider]