I might as well go ahead and admit it – I love sending text messages. I send thousands a month, and while many of them are full meaningless jabber between close friends that the outside world wouldn’t understand, some of them are full of words that I’d rather keep between myself and the recipient.

Send Texts in Secret With Confide App

Do I have anything to hide? No, but at the same time it’s nice if some things aren’t available for the whole world to see. Anyone can read a text message regardless if you sent it to them or not. All they have to do is pick up someone’s phone, (as long as it’s not locked) and they can just read away. This is especially scary and true in the workplace. Walk away from your desk without locking your phone first, and your messages are all there for any passerby. This becomes especially bad if you’re complaining about your employer via text and he/she decides to walk by and catches a glimpse of the message. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed people leaving their phones unguarded over the past few years.

If this has happened to you in the past and you own an iPhone, you may want to consider downloading the Confide app.

Send Texts In Secret With Confide App

The Confide app allows you to send private messages that stay private. Always a good thing, right? Once a person (who also has to have the Confide app) opens your message, they have to drag their finger across each word to make it appear. Apparently this action prevents screenshots being taken of the message. Once the message has been read and backed out of, it will disappear forever, allowing you and the reader to have peace of mind that what you were talking about will not get around to everyone in the office.

Confide is currently only available on iOS devices and it is a free download. Why not give it a try?

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