There will be a live Question and Answer session with whistleblower Edward Snowden, to be held on Thursday 23rd January, 8pm GMT, 3pm EST.  Mr Snowden will be answering questions submitted by the public on his official support site;

Mr Snowden’s support site is run by The Courage Foundation and is the only endorsed Snowden Defence Fund. Which has been set up to clear Edward Snowden’s name.

This is the first time that Edward Snowden will be hosting a live chat since June 2013.  The session will last for an hour starting at 8pm GMT, 3pm EST accordingly. Any questions can be submitted on twitter on the day of the event using the hashtag #AskSnowden.  Edward Snowden’s responses to these questions will appear at


The live chat session comes precisely a week after US President Barack Obama gave an address in response to the public concerns raised by Edward Snowden’s revelations about United States government surveillance practices. In this live chat, Edward Snowden is widely expected to give his first reaction to President Obama’s speech.

Courage (formerly the Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund) is a trust, audited by accountants Derek Rothera & Company in the United Kingdom, for the purpose of providing a legal defence and campaign aid to journalistic sources. The trust is overseen by a committee of trustees who are unremunerated for their efforts. Edward Snowden is its first recipient. was commissioned by the trustees of Courage to provide information on the threats Edward Snowden faces and what can be done if you support him, and details all revelations made to date in a convenient and easily accessed central archive.

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