This plastic Russian Doll has been designed to monitor objects, creatures and people in your home and then nag you to death if it notices something wrong. A bit like a real mother then; but with an advertising slogan that reads “Mother knows everything”, it is perhaps slightly more disturbing!

Designed by Rafi Haladjian, the Russian Doll actually named Mother, connects to a series of sensors called cookies. These cookies measure motion and temperature and will alert you if it notices a change. So for example, if you keep medication in a particular cupboard and attach a cookie to that cupboard, it will alert you if you forget to take your medication at a set time because it will detect that the cupboard door has not been opened.

Sense Mother

The company has programmed Mother so that the cookies can be used in 14 different ways to monitor your home. One of the uses is to attach a cookie to a door and it will alert you every time the door is opened. This could be particularly useful if you are away on holiday and want to monitor your home for intruders. You could also strap a cookie to a bottle of water and it will monitor how much fluid you drink during the day.

The cookies can be used for up to a year and then need to be replaced. It is possible to have 24 of the cookies connected to Mother at any one time, although at $99 per pack of four, these cookies certainly don’t come cheap.

As for Mother, it will blink to show that its connected to WiFi. Shipping will start between February and March, with Mother and four cookies costing $222.

Think though, do you really want to pay good money to be nagged?

[Image via Guim]