If we didn’t already have enough to worry about when boarding a plane, now we may also have to make sure our deodorant hasn’t worn off before we stepped in line. If you’ve ever grown tired of digging out countless ID’s, passports, and Lord knows what else, you may be in for some good news.

Some scientists from Madrid have recently discovered that each person has a very unique smell, and that smell can correctly identify a person 85% of the time. So, in theory, a machine can smell you and correctly identify who you are 85% of the time. How does that smell to you? If the identification rate could be brought up to 100%, this technology could change the way we do a lot of things, including airport security.

Airport Security Could Soon Be Testing Your Body Odor

How Are Your Pits?

Just imagine this if you will – instead of having a TSA officer scan your ID and check your passport the next time you get ready to fly, all you have to do is walk through a machine that takes a whiff of you and completes the identification process. No fingerprints, no eye scanners, none of that – just your body odor.

Before this could even get close to becoming a reality, everyone would somehow have to register their own unique body odor in a process that I can’t even imagine right now. What would you have to do – get finished with a workout and have someone swipe your armpit?

Can you visualize the day when we’re mostly identified by our smells over everything else? I realize we have the technology to do all kinds of amazing things in the world, but this smells a bit off to me. What do you think? Would you be completely comfortable with getting smelled each and every time you wanted to get on a plane?

[Image via News.Discovery]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/your-body-odor-could-help-make-airport-security-a-breez-1516859062