“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” With those words, Doc Brown took Marty McFly on a ride (flight?) in a suped up Delorean that he would never forget. They went Back To The Future, and nothing was ever the same for them. And, if we’re being honest, nothing was ever the same for us, either. Who, since watching the classic films, hasn’t spent their days and nights dreaming about the possibilities of time travel and time machines? Those movies are classics and have stood the test of time and for good reason.

While a total of 3 Back To The Future films were made, fans of the series have not been silent about their desire for the crew to pick things back up again where they left off. And while there are no definitive plans that I am aware of for Hollywood to go back again, there are some other plans that may make fans excited again. While it’s not coming back to the movie theater screen, Back To The Future is coming to the Broadway stage.

Didn’t See This One Coming…

I have to admit – I loved each of the Back To The Future movies and have watched them over and over again. Never in all my life did I imagine it becoming a musical to be played out on a Broadway stage. I have a hard time picturing how they’re going to make the Delorean do everything it’s supposed to do. Also, I have a hard time picturing everyone singing throughout the whole show. (Yes, I know Marty played the guitar and sang a song in the movie). I just can’t see him doing that for the whole time.

But who knows – it could be really great, and I for one hope that it is. As long as it doesn’t make us want to take a trip back in time so that we could forget ever seeing it in the first place it should be a success.

[Image via ScienceFiction]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/yes-theres-going-to-be-a-back-to-the-future-musical-1513109280