Many of us use online film and television viewing sites like Netflix and Lovefilm.  Now BT has added a new exciting feature to their movie service: Buy-to-keep film viewing.  They have announced that their new service will enable customers in the United Kingdom to buy films they watch, outright and view them on their YouView set-top boxes whenever they want to watch them again!

This will be the first film service that allows customers the opportunity to buy-to-keep.  BT will feature a variety of films from studios such as 20th Century Fox and Sony pictures, films which viewers will then be able to purchase for keeps; a first for a YouView TV service in the UK.

BT Announce Buy-To-Keep Movie Service


Films purchased from BT are streamed to the patron’s box whenever he or she wants. They  are stored in a digital storeroom in the cloud. Soon, BT plans to enlarge the service to incorporate television box sets as well.

The cost  for these big name films start at £9 (for High Definition films) and £6 (for Standard Definition films). Currently, over 600 films are available on BT Box Office.

The director of BT TV, Alex Green, says: “The new service gives you even more choice. You can buy the latest blockbusters and they’re yours to keep forever. And you can watch them as many times as you like.”

BT has stated that hundreds of movies are available on BT Box Office way before they are put on Netflix, Lovefilm or Now TV.  This means you will be able to streamline your favourite movies earlier and as many times as you want!  What an exciting prospect!