Did you ever have a Little Tikes car as a kid? Of course you did – it’s pretty much an essential part of childhood. You know the one I’m talking about – the one with no windows, no windshield, painted red and yellow, and above all else awesome. If you were one of the unfortunate kids who didn’t own one of these classic vehicles, I really am sorry, and I hope you at least were able to take your neighbor’s for a spin around the block a time or two.

As we have learned from Peter Pan, all children except one have to grow up, and that is why you don’t see Little Tikes cars on the road during your morning commute to work. It seems not everyone received that memo from J.M. Barrie, though. One adult, John Bitmead, decided he wasn’t ready to trade in his Little Tikes car for something created by Ford, Chevrolet, or one of those other car manufacturers. And he did something totally unexpected and equally inspiring – he created an adult version of the red and yellow Little Tikes Car.

Check Out This Road Ready Little Tikes Car For Adults

Who Wouldn’t Want To Drive That???

Bitmead’s version of the Little Tikes car isn’t just a bigger version which will accommodate an adult. It’s also a significant upgrade that includes the addition of a real engine, real tires, and real brakes. In other words, this bad boy is fully road-ready and road-legal. And it doesn’t just putt around town like a golf cart, either – this baby will get up to 70 MPH. Though, seeing as there are no windows or windshield, one may want to be cautious getting it up to that speed if they don’t want to be pelted with insects and/or other debris from the road.

It’s unclear if Bitmead is going to sell his design to major vehicle manufacturers, but we can all hope in the meantime.

[Image via Complex]

SOURCE: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/adult-sized-child-made-a-street-legal-little-tikes-car-1513611671