Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could’ve had all of your friends around you right at that very moment to offer you advice? Me neither. Here’s an example: you’re on a blind date and you have no idea what you should talk about, or how you should answer a tricky question – surely friends could be invaluable in that kind of a situation, right? Sadly, we can’t physically carry all of our friends in our pockets to bring out whenever we need a piece of advice. And, even if we could, it might be a little intimidating for your date.

Even though we can’t physically carry them around, we can carry them via our smartphones, and no I am not suggesting that we can text or call them whenever we want to. Thanks to a brand new iOS app called Crowdpilot, all the advice we need is just a button click away. People will either love or hate this app, but regardless of where they stand, it does have some noteworthy and unique features.

Crowdpilot App Gives You Live Advice For Any Situation

The Perfect Advice For Any Situation

For the small cost of free, Crowdpilot will help you get live advice for almost any situation. As you can see in the image above, there are 7 different social situations you can pick. And, just as there are different situations to choose from, you can also choose who you’d like to receive advice from – you can choose your Facebook friends, random people in the public, or, you can even hire someone for $0.99.

Here’s how it works – you pick your audience, your situation, and then you tell everyone what you would like help with, such as: I need help getting to know someone on a first date. Then, all you do is lay your phone on the counter and its microphone will transmit your conversation to everyone you’ve selected to listen in on it. From there, they can send you real pieces of advice in real-time.

While this sounds like a novel idea, it seems like it would require those who use it to constantly check their phone, which would more than likely get annoying to the person across the table from you. Not to mention, who has time to just sit and listen to other people’s conversations all day? One last question – do you let the other person know you’re using the Crowdpilot app or just try to be discreet?

What do you think? Is this worthwhile or just a total waste of time?

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