A new game development studio called Pixyul, is currently using drones to map the whole planet for a new game in development.   The developers behind ReRoll are trying to recreate a real world experience, by using drones to map the planet, so that the game environment is as close to a real world experience as you can get.  The aim is to create a real-world RPG that lets gamers go anywhere from within the game.

Drones Are Mapping The Globe For New Game

The Sense-Fly drones being used to 3D Map Earth for upcoming games

The Pixyul developers are ex-Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry workers who have teamed up with SenseFly to use its drones for mapping, which will capture the world in one square kilometre increments. The gathered information is then processed using 3D software which reconstructs the imagery into 3D matter in the virtual environment for the RPG game.  But the developers are trying to bring the game even further into reality by using their Reality System Sync.


This software will monitor the real-world weather of an area and adapt the game to reflect that environment. For gamers, this is a truly immersive experience as the days which are played in the game are really 24 hours long and have light and weather variations that replicate the real world.

This massive undertaking is obviously going to take a long, long time to complete.  So the first release, named Brick 1, will cover a few square miles. We are going to have a long time to wait as that alone isn’t even due until mid 2015!  As this mammoth project expands, certain liberties will be taken for granted, such as the oceans that cover massive areas of the planet, don’t need scanning for the information.  Pixyul have said that the gameplay will be real too: “To subsist, you need to eat, rest, exercise, learn, fight but most of all find all the different ways to survive.” ReRoll will principally be a single player game. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was adapted for multiplayer gaming at some point down the line.  Pixyul is crowd-funding the mapping project on its official site. For your money, you will be rewarded with in-game content like character models, vehicles and weaponry.  ReRoll will be a PC release at launch with expansion plans for console gaming in the future.

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SOURCE: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/127010-drones-are-mapping-the-entire-planet-for-an-rpg-game-called-reroll