Since smartphones came along, we all do things a lot differently than we used to. Take developing pictures for instance. In years gone by, we had to take a roll of film from a camera into a photo center and choose how we wanted it to be developed. Then, if we were really lucky, we could pick up the photo order by the end of the day. If we had some extra money, we could even order doubles of the prints so we could share them with family and friends.

Now, if you have a smartphone and you want your pictures developed, the hardest thing you have to do is go to a photo kiosk at a store such as Walmart, switch on your Bluetooth, connect to the kiosk, and decide what pictures you want to print. 10 minutes later and you have your shots in your hand ready for you to frame or do whatever with. It’s a lot quicker than it used to be, but it still costs money, and in this world, people will do whatever it takes to spend the least amount of money they can on something. And, if you can get something of good quality for free, why pay for it? That’s where the Flag app comes into play.

Flag App Will Print And Mail Your Photos For Free

If you peruse your way through Kickstarter, it won’t be too long before you stumble upon the Flag app. It seems to be a pretty straightforward concept – they will print and mail your photos to you (or your family and friends) all for the small cost of free. As your parents most likely tried to instill in your mind, there is nothing really out there for free, and there is indeed a catch, though it seems to be a fairly small one.

In exchange for printing good quality prints of your photos, they will include ads on the back of the pictures. Obviously, the ads won’t bleed through onto the front of the image, and they promise the adds will be tasteful. If numbers mean anything, people are interested in this app – it’s already raised $148,359 out of their $100,000 goal.

What do you think of Flag? Would you use it? As of right now, it will only be available for iOS devices. However, if they raise a total of $150,000 in funding, an Android version will be developed as well.

[Image via Christmas On The Frisco]