Fujitsu has recently demonstrated a prototype of their Intelligent Glove, an augmented reality system, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  The technology uses a pair of glasses with a screen and a camera built in. This nose-heavy piece of kit was connected to a smartphone, which then powered the software. The really clever part about this technology that the information needed is located on a remote server, where guidance, such as; how to operate a gauge in a power station or on an oil rig, can be displayed over the hardware.

Fujitsu Smart Glove

At the Fujitsu area, people were able to try on the glasses and then were told to look at the wheel control.  The instructions on how far to turn the wheel was then illuminated on the display with sets of arrows. The helpful thing about this technology is that you won’t need to be holding up a smartphone or tablet as the entire process can be controlled with the smart glove.

The smart glove can identify finger movements in the air. A straightforward swipe to the side is enough to remove data from the users vision. Apparently the device is accurate enough to allow writing into the air with an index finger.

All this new technology is very neat and there could be a wide variety of uses for the Smartglove. Currently, however, it is not due to be used anywhere, other than factories and similar manual working environments that would benefit from freeing hands up from manuals.

But a Fujitsu representative has informed people at the Mobile World Congress that there could be a place for this in consumer products someday. While Google are into manufacturing consumer devices such as their Glass product, Fujitsu is focussing on producing industry technology where it is being used immediately.  The Intelligent Glove will not be used until next year in 2015, but the software that is behind it, is already used on tablets and smartphones in factories across Japan.

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[Image via hotdigitalnews]