Forget scuba diving, just go all out and explore the deep sea with the help of this suit, that looks more like Iron Man’s suit than a diving suit.

The Exosuit is a flexible piece of diving equipment, allowing the wearer to explore the ocean up to depths of 1,000ft. It is made from aluminium alloy and boasts that it is a “huge leap forward” for undersea exploration. The hard material is what enables the suit to withstand the water pressure whilst allowing the diver to move freely and perform delicate tasks. The dome shaped helmet gives the wearer the best possible view – a view that won’t be forgotten thanks to the HD camera that records the experience.


Inventor and manufacturer of Exosuit is Dr Phil Nuytten, created the suit with a rotary joint system. There are 18 joints built into the arms and legs, meaning the diver can move around naturally, despite the bulky appearance.

Thanks to the atmospheric diving system, it is no longer necessary for the diver to spend days in a decompression chamber following a dive. Two tanks will supply enough oxygen for 50 hours and the fibre optic tether is the means of communication with life back above the sea. It’s this tether that allows the diver’s life-support systems to be monitored, as well as sonar measurement and communications.


Exosuit comes its very own “flight pack” with four thrusters, each with 1.6 horsepower, so the diver can navigate the ocean, just like Iron Man. Although they are powerful yet sensitive, they are built only for use under water.

Iron Man

It is thought that this incredible suit, costing $600,000, will be used by research scientists, military organisations and commercial diving companies. However, the company are working towards making it more readily available. ‘Now we’re looking forward to getting the swimming model out as a ‘lite’ version of the Exosuit deep-water work system,’ the company said.

[Images via DamnGeekyNational GeographicZastavki]