I think it’s a safe bet that everyone reading (or writing) this has had a very similar experience when it comes to waking up in the middle of the night and having to use the bathroom. Heck, some of us even wake up multiple times throughout the night in response to nature’s call. Even more annoying than the waking up part, is the going to the bathroom blind part. Let’s just admit it – most of us are way too tired (and not to mention lazy) to turn on the bathroom lights. And even if we weren’t too sleepy to switch on the lights, who wants to be blinded by the bathroom light that seems as bright as an airstrip at 2 in the morning? That’s right – no one. Most men would rather give it their best aim, go back to bed, and deal with the hopefully non-existent consequences in the morning. Alas, for women, it seems that they have an advantage when it comes to having to use the facilities in the middle of their sleep cycle.

Knowing that this has been a problem somewhere since the invention of the first indoor toilets, Kohler has taken a smart leap forward in the toilet industry – beginning with 2 newer models, they are including built-in nightlights on the toilet seats.

Kohler Adds A Nightlight To The Toilet Seat

Aiming In The Middle Of The Night Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

These toilet seat nightlights use 4 AA batteries to light up your throne 7 hours a night for up to 6 months. You can even program specific settings for what hours you want your toilet to be on Broadway.

I have to ask – why in the world didn’t someone think of this before now? I mean, we’ve only been waking up to pee since the beginning of time. (Yes, I realize we haven’t had “toilets” since the beginning of time).

If you’d like to have these lights on your toilet, go out and pick up Cachet Q3 or a Reveal Q3 from Kohler.

[Image via Kohler]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/toilet-seats-should-have-come-with-built-in-nightlights-1518176945