After the extremely popular app, Flappy Bird, was officially removed from official app stores, the game sprang up online in various places and has provoked a variety of different clones. But, sadly, along with the copies of Flappy Bird being provided ,there are malware-injected version which have also been discovered.  These rogue malware apps are targeting Android devices.

The Malware infected versions of Flappy Bird is not available from the Google Play Store, but instead they have to be side loaded by users. Sophos discovered a ‘fools gold’ like app.  It looks like the real thing on the surface, but on closer inspection, it claims it is a trial version of the game and requires the user to send an SMS to a premium rate number. What is vicious about this particular Malware is that the app will not let users quit until sending the SMS.

Rogue Flappy Bird Android Download Contains Malware

Trend Micro has discovered other fake Flappy Bird apps that appeared in unofficial stores in Vietnam and Russia. These apps mimic the traits of the real game but have other hidden features including surreptitiously connecting to a “Command and Control” server via Google Cloud Messaging, for further instructions. The app is then able to steal personal data from the users’ device, including the cell number, carrier and email addresses including whatever Gmail account is registered with the device.  Other rogue Malware apps include a payment feature inside the game, which asks the user to pay for the game once inside it? The original Flappy Bird game was available completely free of charge, the developer gained revenue from featuring in-app advertising.

Flappy Bird’s creator has said the game is not coming back, explaining it has been removed as it’s simply too addictive.  For those users who have already downloaded the game on their mobile devices can still play the game. As always, if you have any sensible comments regarding this story, please leave your comments in the section below.

[Image via mashable]