The latest piece of wearable tech from Sony; the SmartWatch 2 has been available to buy for some time now and with Pebble releasing their fresh and eye-catching Pebble Steel model, it seems only fair that Sony produce a couple more interesting options to the market. 

A retailer in the UK, Clove UK, has not one, but two of the new SmartWatch 2 editions that are due to be released soon.

There is a silver metal edition of the watch, which looks just like the traditional black model, but with a silver outside layer. The metal band is also the same one from Sony, but it is fashioned in the same silver shade, rather than the black shade.  The world cup FIFA edition, which is obviously designed to attract the sporting crowd, is fashioned around the traditional Brazilian colours in celebration of the upcoming FIFA World Cup.  It has a sportier look to it, as you can see from the images.  With this designed, Sony are trying to expand the appeal to more people, rather than sticking with the classic black silicon, metal or leather options.

Sony Smartwatch2 FIFA

Of course, both of these new editions seem to be the very same watch face and main device that launched in 2013. Making it unbelievably simple to change the watchstrap whenever you desire to do so. All you need to do is to find a 24mm watchstrap you fancy and voila! You can change it to match your outfit in a flash.  With a great amount of news surrounding the Pebble Steel, you may think that Sony’s option in this war does not have much going for it? But that is not the case at all, as the SmartWatch 2 is just great for notifications and it has a lot of apps available in the Google Play Store.

Not to be overlooked is the relatively affordable price, either. If you are interested in the SmartWatch 2, you can purchase one from Amazon in the USA.  For the time being, these new editions are listed on Clove’s website in the UK for £132, but there’s no word yet on just when these are going to be shipping, but it is said that the stock will become available in March.

[Image via juggly]