Since May, ABC (American Broadcasting Company) has made moves towards the way current viewers watch television; that is, online and via mobile devices using their online application, Watch ABC.  In this regard, ABC will feature the 86th Academy Awards as a live streaming service.  The app has already offered live streamed and on-demand viewing.

Never before has the Oscars been available through live streaming so this is an exciting moment in Oscar history.  However, people who decide to watch online must still have a TV subscription service in order to receive the live feed of the award ceremony and pre-show.



The Oscars are being featured on the 2nd of March on, and as well as the ABC app for iOS and Android.

ABC revealed that you can receive live streaming through the following locations: Comcast, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber and AT&T U-verse in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham and Fresno.

Once the Oscars have been aired, the ceremony will be uploaded to the Watch ABC app for those who missed the live feed.  You will be able to access the on-demand broadcast until 5th March.  The video will also include Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars special.

Also available are the performances, acceptance speeches, red carpet highlights and any other memorable moments as embeddable videos.  Viewers will be able to share and watch videos on social media minutes after it is aired on ABC!  How exciting!

Some of the video clips included will be the performances of Best Original Song (nominees Pharrell, Idina Menzel, Karen O, and U2).  So get ready for the most important night of the year, film lovers!

Will you be watching this years’ Acadamy Awards? Regular TV or streamed online? If you have any sensible comments regarding this story, please leave your comments in the section below.

[Image via monsterzeronj]