What do you usually do whilst you are a waiting for your food to arrive? Look at your phone right? Well, if you ordered your food from Buffalo Wild Wings, then you can now play with a Samsung Galaxy tablet whilst you kill the time!  Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants plan to make the dining experience more interesting by giving guests 7-inch Samsung Galaxy tablets to use while they are in their establishment.

Could Your Restaurant Server Become Obsolete?

Could Your Restaurant Server Become Obsolete?

Buffalo Wild Wings is in partnership with NTN Buzztime to convey the firms tablet-based entertainment platform into all North American locations by the end of next year. This agreement is in response to a successful testing period of the tablets, in approximately 30 Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants.

The custom platform, BEOND tablet, can allow Buffalo Wild Wings guests to order food, request songs and television programmes, play games in both multi-player and arcade-style formats, and most importantly pay the bill.

The tablets are already available in roughly 150 corporate-owned locations.  The firm says it expects them to be rolled out to 500 Buffalo Wild Wings establishments by the end of this year and to all North American locations by the end of 2015.

VP of Guest Experience and Innovation for Buffalo Wild Wings, Ben Nelsen said, “We worked closely with Buzztime to customize tabletop tablets that align with our brand, streamline some of our most popular gaming and music features and enhance Guests’ social interaction with the Buffalo Wild Wings brand…Our intention is that the suite of features will evolve as we continue to listen to our Guests and bring them the best possible in-restaurant experience.”

This is all well and good for Buffalo Wild Wings, but they are late to the table as Applebee’s still is going to be the biggest tablet rollout that is planned for the US in 2014. The restaurant chain is expecting to distribute as many as 100,000 tablets into their restaurants in 2014.

Is this just another gimmick, albeit an expensive one or another way of saving time and money for the businesses?  What do you think about the server and bartender jobs?  Could their jobs become osolete in the future?  If you have any sensible comments regarding this story, please leave your comments in the section below.

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SOURCE: http://tabtimes.com/news/retail/2014/03/07/samsung-galaxy-tablets-entertain-guests-buffalo-wild-wings-restaurants