There’s an old saying somewhere that goes something like this: give anything enough time and it will eventually change. That statement is proving true especially lately as Apple has reversed a long-standing policy that had allowed customers to try out iPhones for up to 30 days. And, on the off chance they decided they didn’t like the phone, they could return it within that 30 day window and get a refund. Not so anymore.

Apple recently posted a change to this policy on their website and made it effective immediately. Now, instead of having a return window of 30 days, customers only have 14 days to try out their new iPhones before deciding if they want to keep them or go with something else. It should be noted that this is the same policy which has already been in effect for other Apple products such as iPods and iPads.

Customers Now Only Have 14 Days To Return iPhones To Apple

Is This A Smart Move By Apple?

Obviously, some people will be up in arms about this policy change, stating that 14 days isn’t really enough time to get to know an iPhone. But what are you going to do in 30 days you didn’t already do in 14 days? Honestly, I think you know if you like the phone within the first few hours of using it, and it shouldn’t take days to come to a final decision – but that’s just me.

What do you think? Do you think this is ultimately a good business decision for Apple, or do you think they’ve made a mistake somewhere along the line? All one can do is encourage would-be-buyers to do their best to try out all the features on the iPhone before the 14 days is up and they’re all out of luck.

[Image via ibtimes]