Beware, there is an Apple ID phishing scam out there that is terribly convincing and could lead to you handing out sensitive information like credit card details.

Netcraft, who discovered the scam, explained how it all starts with a legitimate URL that then redirects you to a very convincing Apple ID log-in screen. Yet this screen is not legitimate. Once you have entered your Apple ID, a second screen pops up requesting personal details that include your full name, credit card number with the verification code and your date of birth. When the information has been entered and you click ok, you are then redirected to the official Apple ID home page.

EA Games

EA is investigating the issue and claims that it has fixed the vulnerability that enabled the phishing page to be created originally. But what is not known is how the hackers are able to send users to the EA domain and fake Apple ID log-in page.

In order to ensure that you don’t become of a victim of yet another clever phishing attack, make sure you always go directly to the website. By typing the address into the URL bar, you protect yourself from any sinister redirects.

The Fake Apple ID Page

The Fake Apple ID Page

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