Google announced its Project Loon last year. Its aim is to bring the internet to the most remote parts of the world, where it is near impossible to currently get access.

The project is now well under way and you can track the helium ballons as they journey around the Earth in real time using the service from Flightradar24. You could see their departure from near Timaru, New Zealand and track them as they rose 162 feet from the ground, drifting out to sea.

Project Loon

According to Google, the balloons are now heading east towards South America so that internet connections can be established along the 40th Southern Parallel.

The Project Loon balloons have been designed to last for over 100 days, so with a previous balloon travelling past South America in twelve days, this next set have got plenty of time and a long way to drift before their work is done.

[Image via youtube]