It seems there is just no end to the diverse and unusual uses for the humble iPhone case. It was only last week that I reported on the case that also doubles up as a stethoscope and now keeping on the health theme, I’d like to introduce the ToneFone.

ToneFone is quite simply a dumbbell; made from British steel and coated with rubber for more comfortable handling, you have the choice of either the 1Kg or 1.5Kg weight. At the moment they are both only available in white but gold and space grey models are set to be released at the beginning of June.


ToneFone is compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S and doesn’t obstruct access to the headphone jack or charging port, however because of the weight, it would be unwise to use it with any iPhone stand.

I know what you must be thinking, ‘Oh here’s just another pointless gimmick’, yet you may be surprised to hear that according to ToneFone’s product page, the intial batch completely sold out. So there are clearly people out there who think this is a good product.

The ToneFone costs $38 for the 1Kg and $42 for the 1.5Kg. Although the initial batch sold out, you can pre-order the iPhone case and expect to receive it by April.

[Image via digilife]