Depending upon whereabouts on the planet you reside, public transportation is expensive (it is where I live anyway).   It is especially so, if you are on a low income.  Wouldn’t it be nice if a wealthy benefactor helped you out now and again with some free rides to assist you in daily living?  If you live in San Francisco and are on a low income, you may want to give those very generous guys over at Google a firm handshake and a pat on the back to say ‘thank you’.  Google has been in talks with the city of San Francisco and has come to an agreement whereby the technology giant, has agreed to basically fund the ‘free Muni’ project for the next two years.


With the Municipal Transportation Agency board, Google has spoken about the real problem of shutting down the program entirely and that, ladies and gents, could quite possibly have happened if Google had not stepped in. The situation now is, Google has donated $6.8 million to fund the program which will continue to assist people with free Muni passes for low income youth.

Over the last couple of months, protestors have targeted Google, as bus stops have been employed by many technology companies to shuttle their workers daily. The bus stops being used are the same that public buses use.  It is this situation, which angered residents who blame companies such as Google for growing rent costs in the area.

Google has not made any suggestions directly that this donation has had anything to do with the protests.  If you read between the lines though, you may make the connection between the two. Only time will tell if the monetary assistance in this instance will calm any protests.

San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, said, “Google is demonstrating with real action and real resources that they are a true partner in addressing our city’s affordability crisis for lower and middle-income families.”

The free Muni program costs approximately $3 million per year and works with around 40,000 kids aged 5 to 17.  It allows them to ride public transport without cost. San Francisco mayor Ed Lee brokered the deal.

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[Image via sfexaminer]