Ever the innovators, Google have recently announced version 2.0 of their very popular communication app, Hangouts, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new look is fresh and it feels more intuitive.  There are also some big new features. Google Hangouts version 2.0 is the best yet.

The app’s interface has been optimized for the larger sized screens of the iPad.  Therefore, visually, Hangouts 2.0 looks even clearer and is also easier to use. Hangouts 2.0 will display a two-pane view on a tablet, conversations on the right and with contacts on the left.  This maximizes the device’s screen. Also this makes it perfect for video calling.

Hangouts 2.0

A new feature in Hangouts 2.0 brings in support for stickers. Yes, you read that correctly, Google have jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to the current craze of instant messaging stickers. Users of messaging services may be familiar with the use of stickers.

The major new function of Hangouts 2.0 is the ability to send and receive Video Messages. Please don’t be confused with video calls, which Hangouts is already capable of doing.  No, these are a similar thing to Vine videos (short video clips of up to 10 seconds long).  Currently, there are a couple of issues with this feature.  One problem is there is a slight delay before the video actually appears in the conversation view and the other is the videos only appear in mobile apps but not on the desktop.  Location map services in the app are a cool feature.  You can send a map of your current location, making it simpler to give your friends that information.

In Hangouts 2.0, there are performance improvements and fixes as well.  The app is available and can now be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store.  Why not download the app and see if you like the new features?  If you have any sensible comments regarding this story, please leave your comments in the section below.

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