According Malwarebytes, the internet security firm, hackers attempted to pose as Netflix tech support in a bid to steal data and identities.

The company, which also develops anti-malware software exposed the phishing scam on an official blog, outlining how Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes was directed to call a number shown on what looked like an official Netflix page after being told that his account had been suspended.


Once he made the call he was told by a fake Netflix tech support rep to install some remote login software on to his PC, that would then allow the hackers to take control over his system. Segura went along with the scam and after he had installed the software, the hackers began snooping through ‘My Documents’ and the ‘Pictures’ folders, as well as files that had names such as ‘banking’.

The hackers asked Segura for visual proof of his credit card and ID so that they could “verify his identity”. When he said he was unable to provide proof, they remotely switched on his webcam and asked him to hold up his credit card and ID to the camera.

Thankfully Sugura was aware of the scam and was in complete control of the situation, however you can imagine how dangerous this could have been for an unsuspecting victim. Before making any calls to Netflix following a claim about your account, just check the number first by doing a Google search. It could well save your identity and data.

[Image via scanvine]