When you stop to think about it, clothes hangers in general are pretty standard. They either come in wood, plastic, metal, or something similar. Overall, they are all pretty bland and boring – there’s not much creativity when it comes to a hanger. And really, I guess there doesn’t need to be an abundance of style – after all, all they do is keep your clothes from falling to the floor in a wrinkled heap. But sometimes, hangers are more trouble than they’re worth – especially when the hook that enables it to hang in the first place decides to snap. If the hook breaks, the rest of the hanger is useless since it can’t hang without it.

But the Flow Design company is seeking to change that. Getting rid of the hanger hook and exchanging it with a magnet, they’ve created a way to make sure your clothes stay put and look good while hanging in your closet. Meet the Cliq hanger – the hanger that makes it fun to play with magnets all over again.

Hang Your Clothes With Magnetic Cliq Hangers

“Cliq” Your Clothes Into Place

Since these Cliq hangers are powered by magnets, they naturally create a little bit of space between your clothes, and they save you approximately six centimeters of space as opposed to a normal hanger. As long as you have some type of metal closet rod, these hangers will work for you – it doesn’t matter its shape.

I have to warn you though – if you’re on a tight budget, these are most likely not the hangers for you, as they sell at a cost of $200 for 3 of them. If you have a large closet, prepare to spend a small fortune on hangers alone. But, if you do have the money, it might make it fun to hang your clothes in the closet. And when was the last time you actually enjoyed doing that?

[Image via coolmaterial]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/these-sleek-hangers-swap-hooks-for-magnets-1545361633