What’s the best thing your dad has ever created for you? A tree house? A bike ramp? Something made by LEGO? While our fathers may have been great and well-meaning, most of them never built a homemade Batpod from scratch. You might be asking, “What is a Batpod?”, and that’s a good question. If you’ve seen the movie The Dark Knight, there’s a scene where Batman is driving in the Tumbler (Batmobile) and he basically pushes a button and the Tumbler separates itself and releases a “motorcycle” that he can ride. Of course since we’re talking about Batman, this isn’t just any motorcycle, and it has been dubbed the Batpod. You can take a look at the movie version below and wish you had one residing in your garage.

Look At This Fully Working Batpod A Dad Built For His Son

As you can see, this futuristic “vehicle” looks almost nothing like the motorcycles of today. (For one, I’ve never seen a motorcycle with that kind of firepower). That makes it all the more awesome that a father decided to build a working model for his child.

Batman In Training?

A Youtube user who goes by the name eE48v decided to do all he could to be crowned Dad of the Year when he built this fully drivable Batpod for his 10 and 12 year old sons. And, judging from the videos, it looks like driving it would be as exciting as it sounds. It’s essentially an all electrical Batpod, and runs off of 4 car batteries. And while it doesn’t appear to be street-legal at all, it is still pretty amazing nonetheless. My only suggestion for this father would be for him to tell one of his kids not to ride the Batpod while wearing Crocs. Oh, I’d also encourage him to get to work on the Batmobile for when the kids turn 16 and want to start taking girls on dates. (Or, of course, when they decide they want to start their careers as vigilantes).

Have a look for yourself at the video below.

[Image via chickslovethecar]

SOURCE: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/awesome-dad-built-a-batpod-motorcycle-for-his-kids-1539211171