I don’t know if you’ve ever Googled yourself or not, but if you haven’t, it can be quite an adventure; just be prepared to face any unforeseen consequences if and when you do so. In today’s world, you never can tell what you’ll find when you type your own name into the Google search engine. For example, my name brings up everyone except for me – apparently there’s a pretty good rower out there who shares my name. I know it’s not me because I’ve only been in a boat a handful of times throughout my life. Oh, there’s also some football players with the same name around the world.

Like I said – you never know what exactly you’ll find when you Google yourself. One man in particular, Christopher Viatafa, who hails from San Leandro in California, recently decided to type his name into Google. What he found most likely gave him quite a shock as it showed that he was near the top of the most wanted criminals list for his county. But what he did next might be even more surprising.

Man Finds Out He's Most Wanted After He Googles Himself

What Would You Do?

After he saw his name on the wanted list, he decided to head to the police station where he turned himself in. It’s unclear if he even knew he had committed a crime prior to this time, as the charges related to some kind of a gunplay incident from the previous August. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident, but he apparently shot a gun toward a building with people inside.

In this day and age, I’m inclined to give Viatafa a slight pat on the back for being responsible and turning himself into the police when he could’ve just as easily decided to go into hiding. Who knew Google would eventually help the police catch criminals?

[Image via abcnews]

SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57620389-71/man-googles-himself-discovers-hes-on-the-most-wanted-list/