Welcome to your smart home!  From work, you turn up your Nest thermostat in order for your house to reach a comfortable temperature.  As you walk up to your door, you open your smart lock with your android smart phone, you adjust the lighting using Nest to get optimal energy use, then sit down in front of your smart television and watch dumbed down versions of ‘Smartline’.  You are living the dream!  A house run completely from your device!

Insteon Hub

However, it is now possible for your smart home to be connected together!  Those of you who use Nest for your HVAC can now use Insteon Hub, iOS and Android apps to control your home temperature remotely. This new support was recently added as an update.  Nest, of course, already allowed this with its own apps, which allowed thermostats to be controlled remotely.

The difference is, by adding Nest into an Insteon installation, you can now integrate your thermostat into macros (i.e.changing HVAC settings as well as lights). Insteon holds many timer and motion-triggered manoeuvres; so you could turn the heat up just before you arrive home even though it is before Nest has identified that you are in the house.

Insteon depends on a mix of AC power as well as wireless in order to speak between devices. It also has the ability to work with other devices like Revolv’s Hub!

Meanwhile, Google has obtained Nest Labs, for $3.2 billion. It’s like the marriage of a rock-star to an ambitious tech geek. Rumour has it that Google has home automaton dreams that could mean streaming media along with other exciting endeavours!

What will you need for this incredible home setup? An Insteon hub so you can use Nest integration ($129.99) as well as Nest ($249). It’s not cheap living the dream.  However, if Ellen DeGenerous endorses Nest, it must be good!

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SOURCE: http://www.slashgear.com/nest-thermostat-gets-insteon-smart-home-integration-12320277/