Do you regularly stream Netflix? So do I. Maybe a better question would be, “Who doesn’t regularly stream Netflix?” Honestly, I find it hard to believe that most everyone isn’t already a subscriber. There aren’t too many deals out there for $7.99 per month which allow you to stream an unlimited amount of your favorite TV shows and movies to watch whenever and wherever you want. Netflix has a good thing going, and they know it too.

Unfortunately, so do the cable companies, and they’re having a hard time figuring out what to do about it. It seems that with so many people streaming Netflix, it really takes a toll on their bandwidth. You may have noticed less than HD picture quality when watching a popular show, such as House Of Cards, and that’s simply because so many people are watching it at the same time. Some viewers even believe that their cabe companies are slowing down their speeds on purpose. So, should cable companies charge more to their customers for the increased bandwidth, or is Netflix ultimately going to have to up their prices to be able to stream their content in the first place?

Netflix May Soon Cost More For You To Stream

How Much Would You Pay For Netflix?

If the price of Netflix does indeed increase in the future, how much would you be willing to pay for the unlimited streaming option? Granted, $7.99 a month isn’t all that much to pay considering everything you get for the price. Sure, there are some shows probably no one has ever watched, but there’s also some great content on there as well.

We may not have all of the answers we want regarding this situation any time soon, as there are several legal battles currently being fought over this and similar issues. Within the past couple of days, though, Netflix has worked out a deal with Comcast at least, to enable them to continue to stream their content at high-speeds.

What do you think?

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