It’s no secret to anyone by now that Nintendo is not doing too well in the current gaming world. In a market dominated by all things Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo seems to be struggling to find their niche. Sure, they had a big hit with the Nintendo Wii, but that was released how many years ago? I can’t remember either. Their next big console idea, the Wii U, has not been performing well at all on the sales charts since its release, and that has to make the leaders ask Nintendo ask, “What are we going to do now?”

And here’s their answer: On May 20th, 2014, they are going to remove most all of their online support for the Wii and the DS. That sounds like a good plan to boost sales, right?

Nintendo Stopping Online Play For Wii And DS

What’s The Deal, Nintendo?

The ability to play games online for free was/is (at least for now) a huge perk to owning a Wii. Now, with Nintendo all set to completely remove the option, the decision has to have some fans up in arms. Why would they decide to take away the online option now of all times?

The answer is most likely pretty simple. They probably want to try to force your hand into buying a new console that can connect to the internet. They want to move players past the original Wii and DS and onto the Wii U and beyond. But what about players who don’t want to give up on their beloved Wii’s just yet? Well, as of May 20th, they’re all out of luck.

The Wii and DS will still be able to get on the internet to purchase games, but that’ll be just about all they’ll be able to do online. If you use a 3DS, however, you will still have the option to play games online.

Will this change affect you at all? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments below.

[Image via VentureBeat]