Surely real life Mario-kart would be horrendously dangerous and crazy, right?  Shooting turtle shells at other cars must be a breach of traffic laws, not to mention potential harassment from Greenpeace!  However, Remi Gaillard from France has created extreme street go-carting in Tokyo and is now a growing tourist ‘must-see’ in Japan.

Gaillard got his fame from YouTube and is the brainchild of illegal street Mario Kart.  He’s used to having the authorities after him.  He has been caught on Japanese Twitter accounts driving around Shibuya as Mario and friends, chucking banana peels in front of cars.  Real-life Mario Kart has now become a growing business in Tokyo, as a result.

Mario Kart For Real

This isn’t a one off!  There are now currently, organised events put on by an event club called Tokyo Gaijins.  This club organises trips and other activities around Japan. “We are not a travel company, we are just a big bunch of gaijins and some Japanese hanging-out, partying, playing sports and enjoying the Japanese outdoors,” says Tokyo Gaijins’ advertisement.

Throughout the year, street go-karting events are held.  Anyone who has in their possession, a Japanese or international driver’s license, can now participate in these go-cart races and enjoy Tokyo’s streets from a new viewpoint.  If you want to rent a go-cart for 2 hours, have a petrol refill, get a picture and video of you driving around, as well as accident insurance, it will cost you 6,500 yen (approx £39). What a deal!

So the next time you are in Tokyo, search out Tokyo Gaijins, if you dare, as your next tour guides!  You too, can throw banana peels at oncoming traffic.

[Image via team-yellow]